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statement rings: lions, elephants, and snakes, oh my!

I often don't wear jewelry because I find that it gets in the way, or it just doesn't quite go with my outfit. But I absolutely love rings, and more specifically, statement rings that can stand alone or be worn with other smaller pieces. Below is a list of my favorites- some in the designer range and others for as little as $5!

So I think a selfie is warranted here for these two rings from Gucci. They were definitely a budget stretch but I loved them too much to say no! I love the lion design and I wear a lot of black so they really make sense for my everyday look which tends to be black with an edgy twist.

I bought this ring from Urban Outfitters years ago and I wear it all the time! I love the circling serpent design and I've gotten a lot of compliments over the years. I would buy it in every color if they made it!

Another option from Urban that I bought years ago- geode and a little bit galactic too! Sadly the jutting geode sometimes gets in the way but I love it any way.

And here's the thing, my daughter (or, Jezebel Rapunzel loves rings too! Check out her feisty look below:

And here's another one of my favorites from House of Harlowe- I've had it for years as well and the elephant broke off but I managed to superglue it back together so it's good as new!

And I couldn't resist purchasing this classic Dino Eating Fried Chicken ring from Verameat as soon as I saw it online:

And another RAWR worthy option from Urban Outfitters- this looks like a mythical serpent lion!

And the $5 options from Buffalo Exchange! Great statement pieces for a great price.

And some more things on the cheap- I bought these adjustable animal rings on eBay years ago and I still wear them!

And another statement piece for a great price from Forever 21...don't mind the dirt under my nails!

And I love this ring from Alexis looks like a wild panther!

And finally a positively RAWR option from Coach!

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