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statement piece research: the Disney trend

Over the past few months I've noticed some definite Disney vibes (or more than vibes...outright Disney galore!) in designer collections. I know that Disney has been a thing for quite some time but I do feel like it's popping lately! Here are some of the most noteworthy options:

My first pick is this Bambi bag from Givenchy. Honestly, quite a bit above my usual price point but I did immediately notice this online.


I'm also obsessed with this Ursula bag from Danielle Nicole- I loved The Little Mermaid when I was little and I used to narrate the different parts of the story for my parents! I saw this bag at Macy's and couldn't resist.

And of course, who could forget the faithful crab who lectured Ariel on the rules!?

And my personal favorite- the cute little Mickey Mouse on this Marc Jacobs dress- only $250 or so retail plus I saw it on sale from Net-A-Porter recently as well!

And I just bought this on sale from Coach! I'm so excited because I've been looking for a basic black wallet with a twist!

And a Mickey backpack, also Coach!

And a much more cost effective Disney option from Forever 21! I love this sweater and wear it all the time- this selfie shames me with its lack of poise or smiling but oh well!

And let's not forget the Disney princesses- showcased here inside the high heel by Irregular Choice!

And Alice in Wonderland from Irregular Choice too!

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