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The Fun Edit: Adult Coloring Books

If you’re 18 or older and seeking tranquility on the cheap, look no further than adult coloring books. We often forget that many of us spent hours coloring in preschool, whether by choice or because a teacher told us too. The psychology of coloring books is a little murkier, but I came across this great article in Psychology Today all about the potential positive effects. Coloring books are a nice break from the stressful stimuli adults deal with, from work issues all the way to divorce court. If nothing else, a change of pace is usually good for the soul. So grab some markers and unleash your inner artist with this issue of the fun edit.

Vogue and Vogue Goes Pop by Iain R Webb

Fashion editor and professor Iain R Webb curated these coloring pages from the treasure trove of British Vogue. These beauties are especially addicting because they include descriptions of the Vogue pages that you're coloring.

Crush and Color: Idris Elba by Maurizio Campidelli

As the internet says, "colorful fantasies with the sexiest man ever". There are other Crush and Color masterpieces to consider as well: Keanu Reeves, Jason Momoa, The Rock, and a compilation of Twentieth Century Foxes.

Art Masterpieces to Color by Marty Noble

This coloring book includes real life pictures of the masterpieces along with history tidbits.

Crayola: Art with Edge Series

This series has a lot of great titles- Spongebob (my personal favorite), Optical Illusions, Marvel, Star Wars, and so many more. I've had trouble finding Spongebob in stock near me at the moment though.

Crayola: Escapes Series

Crayola's take on adventure! Themed escapes include folk art and New York City.

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