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Dry Cleaning for Less Money Yo

When you love designer fashion, the dry-cleaning bills can pile up. There are so many “dry-clean only” labels with the high-end designers that I often try and pretend that I don’t see them. Besides that, I spend most of my time trying to figure out how to get discounted designer labels and I recently decided to participate in a brand ambassador program with a product perfect for me- Dryel.

Dryel is basically like dry cleaning at home, which is perfect for me for several reasons- first, going to the dry cleaners means that you must leave the house, and we all know that I am vehemently against unnecessary trips outside. Second, Dryel is quite a bit cheaper than a trip to the dry cleaners, especially if you are talking weekly or even monthly or bi-monthly trips.

I was skeptical when I received my complimentary Dryel product- how could an at-home product work like professional dry cleaning? But it turns out Dryel is pretty great- first of all, your clothes have a decidedly pleasant smell after you’re done with the whole process, so that alone is reason enough to enjoy Dryel. The system itself looks like a laundry machine front when you get it in the mail- and no of course not that is not a glass of wine and Say Yes to the Dress in the background along with the Dryel:

Despite my exceptional levels of doubt I decided to try the Dryel- after all I have gobs of dry-clean only clothes and it would save me an absolute mint to have an at home system. I was pleasantly surprised- my clothes really did seem to be cleansed. The Dryel system is based on the power of steam and like it says above the patented bag cleans your clothes gently but effectively. I did need to iron my clothes after the Dryel cycle but it seems like a small price to pay for dry cleaning at home. Overall, I have to say that I’m impressed with Dryel- it worked well especially for the price, and it’s as simple as following the kit directions and throwing your beautiful babies (your clothes of course) in the dryer to let Dryel do its magic. I'd definitely use Dryel again.

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